Yes, I’m extremely satisfied!

Yes, I’m extremely satisfied!

Yes, I’m extremely satisfied!

That’s Dalibor’s Erasmus.

At the age of 26, he went to Parma.

He moved from University of Pardubice  to university of Parma-Ingegneria.

It happened from 08/02/2016 to 27/05/2016.

About her experience:

Accommodation:  7\10

Teaching staff’s availability:        10\10

Foreign tutor’s reliability:            7\10

University’s Facilities (es. wifi)  7\10

Resourses from university’s library: 7\10

Tutorial for language skills: 8\10

Safety at the campus/city:          9\10

Health Service:  8\10

Liveability of the area:  7\10

city’s care/cleaning service:   7\10

public transport efficiency:         6\10

Cost of living index:        8\10

Resident’s hospitality: 9\10

Contacts provided by university (with reference to accommodation):  5\10

In the host faculty, he did the following exams:

-Italština pro zahraniční studenty I – Italiano per stranieri I


Thank you , all your information will be very useful for other students.